Friday, November 4, 2011

Still Guilt Trippin' !!

Mum took me on a lovely walk yesterday. I don't want to appear cynical beyond my years, but I think it may have been part of her "For God's sake Declan, in how many more ways do you want me to apologise for leaving you for a mere 5 days?" campaign. The list is endless Mum. Really.

Anyway she took me along a section of the Leeds & Liverpool canal that runs through Hirst Woods in Saltaire, West Yorkshire

Mum says the woods are really popular with dog walkers and at Christmas time they hang cards for each other on a holly bush. 

Oooh hang on I think I can see a squibble...!
We walked through the woods and over the old bridge before heading back along the canal.

I can see that pesky squibble again...!

Well she may owe me, but I don't want to walk THAT far.....

Hirst Lock as it is today......

..... and a picture of the lock painted in the 19th century.
Bradford Museums & Art Galleries
If you look very carefully, I'm sure you can see a handsome greyhound sitting at the top of the lock...... ;-)