Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Review of Symply Dry Dog Food from Pets Corner

I was having a snooze last week and dreaming about the things I like to eat.

I was awakened by a loud knock at the door, and there was the postman, with a big box addressed to me!

I couldn't believe that he'd found me when it was just addressed to Declan The Greyhound, Yorkshire! I wonder if I'm a bit like Father Christmas?

Declan, stop right there! Only last week we had to have a little chat about your delusions of grandeur didn't we? - Mum

Yeah well... Anyway, when I got my parcel opened, this is what I found inside:

It was a bag of Salmon & Potato Symply dry dog food from Pets Corner.

I was amazed, Salmon is one of my favouritist things!  Mum said she knew the food was coming because I'd had an email from a lady at Pets Corner asking if I'd test the food for them, but she didn't tell me as she thought it would be a nice surprise. But wait! That must mean Mum has been reading my emails. How rude! Still, it was very exciting to get a parcel of my own.

Mum said she thought it would be good for me to test the salmon & potato variety as it is wheat gluten free, hypoallergenic and good for dogs with grain intolerances which are sometimes indicated by the famous "bum problems". As some of you will know I have just cost Mums a small fortune at the v-e-t  in relation to my bottom issues. We don't think I have a wheat intolerance but Mum is on a "better safe than sorry" kick at the moment! If you prefer you can also have  Lamb & Rice or Turkey & Rice flavours.  Mum says a 6kg bag will feed me for just over 2 weeks.

Pets corner say that if you don't see an improvement in your dog's breath, wind or diet related scratching after a month of feeding Symply, you can have your money back. Well fair enough!

As well as this variety, Symply comes in Adult, Senior, Puppy, Small and Large breed. I could have Large breed variety but I prefer smaller kibble, as I'm a little bit on the greedy side and big pieces make me choke sometimes.

Here are some facts about the Symply range of dog food:

  • Symply dog foods are made in the UK
  • All Symply dog foods are free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives
  • They use the highest quality ingredients which are gentler on the stomach and more easily digested
  • Higher levels of Omega-6. Linoleic acid is an ‘Essential Fatty Acid’ that has many important roles in the body including the maintenance of healthy skin and coat, ensuring normal growth in kittens and puppies. Omega-6 helps maintain a healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • High meat content provides all the protein for healthy and strong muscles. Their dog foods are free of ‘wheat gluten’, a well known cause of allergies in dogs.
  • The Salmon is sourced from the Highlands of Scotland and Symply’s lambs are meadow raised in the UK. 
  • None of the turkeys in the foods are caged or battery farmed 
  • Quality ingredients mean more goodness per crunch – feed less and save money Symply do not participate in any animal testing and do not use any artificial colours, flavours or growth hormones.
  • Mum mixed the Symply with my regular food for a few days before giving it to me on its own. 

I really liked this dog food. It has a good smell and is nicely crunchy! Mum said if she sniffed it she could smell the salmon too. I did offer her some to try, but she refused. Sometimes Mum is a bit silly!

Symply is available at Pets Corner shops or via mail order.

Declan was not financially compensated for this review