Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally.. Mum gets her finger out!

Now don't get me wrong. I love my Mums. But Mum (rather than Other Mum) is ever so slightly prone to procrastination. The list of things that she "really must get around to doing" is ridiculous! Hell will freeze over before she ever gets to half of it I'm sure. It's not like there's anything deadly serious on it. I've never heard her say "I really must get around to popping into the hospital for that open heart surgery I need", for example. But she has been "meaning to" make an appointment for her 6 monthly health check for about the last 6 months and she's also taken to hiding behind the magazines when she sees the Practice Nurse in the local shop.

 So... we have established that when it comes to doing stuff for herself, Mum is a bit rubbish. On the other hand she tends to be pretty good when it comes to to KC and me, and really we want for nothing.

"Quite so Declan. We are still smarting from the £230 v-e-t bill in connection with your recent bottom issues" - Mum. 

Anyway...... moving swiftly on..... As I said Mum is pretty good with us kids, but nevertheless, ever since she got me in July, she has been "meaning to" get into a regular teeth brushing regime with me. We got the brush, we got the paste.... but we didn't really get much further. Until last week that is, when Mum read the post entitled "Pearly Whites" by NEVER SAY NEVER GREYHOUNDS

Many of you will know this blog, but if you don't then take a look as it contains excellent advice on all aspects of greyhound care and training. In a nutshell the post was saying its a great idea to clean your dog's teeth everyday & once you're into a routine it's no hassle at all. Well, Mum was inspired!

She was all prepared to follow the very good advice about taking it slowly, just starting with a couple of teeth (and not holding me in a vice-like grip) but I really quite liked it.

Honestly, I'm standing there quite happily and that is not a strangle hold at all! In fact I was so laid back about it, Mum brushed all my teeth on the first go!

Hmmm... Pity we didn't have this picture for Halloween!

I've had my teeth brushed everyday for a week now, and it really isn't any bother. Mum says she thinks my teeth look better already and my breath is quite sweet. Not that it was ever super-stinky, you understand!

So what do you think?!!

So Mum, the moral of this post is, stop putting things off that would take much less time to do than you spend thinking about them. GET YOUR FINGER OUT! Hehe!    Deccy xx