Sunday, October 23, 2011

HELP! I'm being abandoned!!!!!

See how dejected I look....?
I have just learnt that I am to be abandoned. Mum is going to see Ganny tomorrow for nearly a whole week and she's not taking me with her. It's simply preposterous! I ALWAYS go to Ganny's, I like going to Ganny's and I DON'T like being left.

Apparently the reason for this is two-fold. Firstly Mum says it will give her a chance to do stuff with Ganny without having to worry about how long I'm left for or organise for someone to walk me. RUBBISH! How could they possibly want to do anything that didn't involve me anyway?  Secondly Mum thinks that her being away may help to break what she calls my "slight over-dependence" on her. Huh! I think it's the other way around. It is true that because we do pretty much spend all day every day together I can get a bit anxious when Mum is out of sight. Don't get me wrong; I adore other Mum; you should see my bouncy wagginess when she comes home from work, but I'm just not quite as needy around her.

The plan is for other Mum and me to have bonding sessions, whatever they are. I know what it'll be; I'll snuggle on the sofa and she'll be glued to the laptop, doing complicated stuff that gives Mum and me a headache. Yeah well, she better remember that the laptop is MINE during weekdays. I need to blog and everything. I hope Mum has left her strict instructions as sometimes I need a bit of help. Actually I bet Mum has left her instructions covering everything from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, hehe! Not that she worries or thinks the world will stop turning if she's not there to personally direct it. Ooooh no; perish the thought.....!

So, If I can drag my miserable dejected body from the sofa and I can wrestle the laptop from other Mum, I may speak to you during the week. If not, wish me luck.......