Monday, September 12, 2011

My New Winter Greyhound Coat

I'm thinking of getting some black boots and
a white beard and getting a job as Santa Claws!
Greyhounds need coats; lots and lots of coats...
Although we're big dogs we have very short fur and very little fat on us so we really feel the cold. General rule is, if you need a coat on to go out, then so do I. That's unless you come from Newcastle and you're really hard and go out in December in shorts and a T shirt. I'd want a coat.
As I said, lots of greyhound coats for every possible situation...

I have a mac in case it's wet but not cold. A fleece in case it's cold but not wet, A towel coat in case I'm wet and need drying and lastly my brand new bright red Blizzard Jacket! This is fleece lined and waterproof and is in case I fancy an Arctic expedition.... or a trip to Northumberland. 

Mum got my new greyhound coat from Jan's Greyhound Gifts. She's been getting Greyhound gear from the site for over 9 years now and reckons it one of the best value and most reliable places on the net. I'm just very keen to encourage Mum's liking for shopping. After all I've only got four leads and three collars, and I'm seriously wondering if I need a baseball cap..........


Luna said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I like your coat Declan!

It's really cool!!

I think you should get a baseball cap! They are really cool!


Miranda Wilkinson said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I think some dogs really need coats. And greyhounds are one of them. Recently I started to bet on dog racing And you know it is a very interesting thing.

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