Monday, September 5, 2011

Declan Petrol Head

Hello! I've just got back from a bit of a road trip with my Mum. You know, visiting a few friends and relatives; and meeting yet more people who adored me!

Anyway, it was nice to meet some new friends, but the best thing about my trip was being in the car. I LOVE cars! 

Mum says she thinks it must be a Greyhound thing, as Flynn was just the same. She even bought him a new car when she had him, but what with the economic climate and everything, she says I'll have to make do with Flynn's old one. I don't really mind. It's a nice big roomy estate with a comfy duvet and a dog guard to keep me safe.

I like to see myself as the Jeremy Clarkson of the dog world. Actually I've heard said more than once that Mum might be his long lost sister. If I had a gravy bone for every time I'd heard Mum say "For God's sake, how difficult can it be....." or "bored bored bored", well, I'd have a lot of gravy bones! 

If my humans do win the lottery I'm hoping I might be treated to a new set of wheels. Something sleek, sexy and sporty - a bit like me. Mum says that, unfortunately, as far as she knows, Aston Martin don't make an estate car, otherwise she'd get me one....obviously.... And on that bombshell..... goodnight!!