Friday, August 26, 2011


I always do my best thinking when I'm sleeping
I've been thinking.. I have a lot of time to think when I'm lying on my big soft bed. Mum thinks I'm asleep, but I'm just pretending. Rumours that Greyhounds sleep for 22 hours a day are ridiculous. I never sleep for more than 20 hours..

People have lots of misconceptions about dogs like me. They think we need loads of exercise, well I beg to differ!. I packed all the strenuous exercise I need into my racing career. A couple of 20 minute strolls twice a day and the odd gallop when we have somewhere safe is fine thank you very much. And if you want to take me out in the rain I rather cleverly velcro myself to my bed.. I don't eat that much either for a big lad. I weigh about 32kg and stand at 70cm to the shoulder. 4 mugs of good dried food a day, some nice tit bits thrown in ( you can't beat liver and carrots -yummy!) and the odd pigs ear treat and I'm perfectly happy. Best of all greyhounds are the soppiest dogs! Mum says she thought Flynn was daft until she met me. There's nothing wrong with being cuddled, kissed and generally adored, that's what I say... Well I think I've worn myself out, so I'll catch you later.