Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Declan's Thoughts On Cats...

KC - Or The Princess Of Darkness
as Mum likes to call her!
As I’ve already mentioned, I have a cat called KC. My humans have always had cats and Mum has always said that the cats and dogs have to get along. It was a bit of a risk with Flynn as Mum had him straight from his racing kennels, so he was a bit of an unknown quantity. However, as he’d not done a lot of racing his chase instinct wasn’t that strong. Couple that with the fact Mum had two cats back then, one of whom was a bit hard (I’m glad I never met her from what I’ve heard....) and Flynn was soon knocked into shape -quite literally!

With me it was a bit different. Because I came from a Retired Greyhound Trust kennel, I had been “cat tested”. Mum asked if they dangled a cat on a pole over my kennel to see if I’d eat it or not... I hope they knew she was just being silly. Anyway I passed my cat test, though my humans sometimes wonder how! My problem is twofold, you see. Firstly, I had a lot of races and my chase instinct is strong. Secondly I live with the biggest scaredey – cat in the world.
KC is a wimp! I look at her and she screams “He’s trying to kill me” and bolts behind the sofa. She is such a drama cat. How am I supposed to learn to love her when all I ever see is a furry blur shoot across the room?! Mum says we’ll get there eventually. She’s thinking of hiring some right bully-boy ginger tom to put me in my place apparently. Meanwhile KC is living the high life – upstairs. She’s taken to referring to the other side of the pet gate as “my apartment”. As ever, she’s getting ideas above her station; but that’s cats for you..
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lou said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Hello Declan.

I had heard you were airing thoughts on t'internet.
You definately have Flynothy's nose my boy.
x Aunty Lou

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